artist´s statement

The art is to reflect that which moves me. My references and visual concepts have their origins in current affairs or issues that hold a personal interest for me. These outer and inner sources of inspiration become a fertile and creative process. The result is materialized visually in different forms of expression and media. The forms are painting on canvas, painted tableaux, installations and mixed media works.

It is not the visible that is important for me but that which may be made visible. In other words, it is to interpret «reality» with «another», new picture – it is this that drives my artistic engagement.

A unique history lives in each artwork. Good art is of course also dramaturgy. I wish for the viewer to be emotionally moved and indeed feel some discomfort or sense the irony when encountering my work. The verbal message in the titles of the works is especially important and not a mere play on words, as in, for example: «This is not a lucky Moose in the Sunset, but Ben Tabout, who is eating my crispbread».

– It is as if to pass a door key to the viewer, but each door leading in must open itself.

Italo Moro